Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Acorn Alert

Many of you know that I love acorns and I know some of you enjoy them as well. Monique was working on her Fall Blackwork design at the stitch-in and -

  1. It has a really kewl acorn!
  2. It is a fantastic fall design!
  3. I gotta have it!

Head over to My Mark Designs and have a look.


Anita said...

It is definitely a cute design.
Thank you for dropping by my

Lelia said...

You know Monique? Hey GF, do you know EVERYBODY in the stitching universe???

Monique has a nice blog & web page. isn't that new acorn pattern the best???

Pam said...

Ack! Why did I look! Oh, yeah, I looked because I saw a c o r n. I love it and I've gotta have it! Thanks, Chelle, I think.

Barbara said...

It's wonderful!