Thursday, January 26, 2006

Quilt Squares

A group of stitching friends from our local Yahoo group recently stitched squares that are being made into a quilt for our friend Sue. Monique organized the project and is putting everything together. This is going to be a spectacular quilt! Mega-thanks to Monique - you are the best!

Follow this link to see pictures of the individual squares. They are in Monique's quilt project album. I saw Tammy's square in person a few weeks ago, and it is simply amazing. She stitched a freebie from The Drawn Thread called Heart Throb. The design calls for 32 count fabric, but in order for the design to fit the size requirement for the quilt, Tammy stitched the design on 28 count fabric over one. Yes my friends, she had to pierce evenweave threads to complete some of the specialty stitches. It boggles my mind. Tammy shared a few close-up pictures with me. The quarter is for perspective.

I've stitched partial stitches on aida. I have never attempted any stitch that required the piercing of individual linen or evenweave threads. You did an amazing thing Tammy!

Every single square stitched for this quilt is perfect and special. I just know that Sue is going to love it.

From my personal stitching basket, last night I finished Part 17 of Terre de France. Today I'm having a Miss Mary Mack attack. Tomorrow I plan to work on Stockyard from Snapperville. I'm having a good stitching month, but I'm not getting much blogging done. Let's not talk about how far behind I am in replying to email. Yikes.

One more thing, when you visit Monique's blog be sure to click on the "visit my website" link and check out her designs. They are awesome! My favorite is the Sampler Calendar.


AnneS said...

Sounds like you've been busy - the heartthrob square looks amazing ... like you, I'm stunned at having to split the threads - yikes! Fantastic result, though :) I'm now off to peruse Monique's album ;)

Sylvie said...

How lovely, and so small!!!

Barbara said...

Got my fingers crossed for sun, so I can, too, have a Miss Mary Mack attack. Gosh, I am so far behind!!

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