Thursday, August 18, 2005

SBQ - August 18, 2005

The SBQ this week:

How often do you wash your fabric for each project? Do you wait until the very end until to wash it or do you wash it more than once?

I don't think I've ever pre-washed my fabric, but I do like to press it first. Sometimes I spritz so much water on it that you might consider it a wash! Ha!

Once upon a time I would wash every project when it was finished. I don't know when I stopped doing that - maybe when I started using fibers that weren't colorfast. Now I don't wash my projects at all. I'm an almost OCD handwasher and I keep the projects clean. For now that is good enough for me!


Lelia said...

Ditto. Excellent response. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Joanie said...

I don't wash anything anymore either! I think that I am just too lazy and since I use either silk or overdyes I am afraid of the threads bleeding.