Monday, August 08, 2005


Move It Out Monday is still not quite under control, but I now have a much better idea of what is going on:
  • I have two Word documents and one Excel spreadsheet with MIOM information. Yikes! Time to consolidate!
  • All of the projects that were started in May have been completed. (One giant step for stitching kind!)
  • None of the projects that were started in June or July have been completed. (Boo!! Hiss!!)

Carol has suggested (twice, bless your heart!!) that I need to change the starts to every other Monday instead of every Monday. It would be the really smart thing to do...but somehow I'm just not ready to do it. It feels like giving up, and I don't feel far enough down to give up. I think I'm starting to resemble a 3 year old, stamping my foot and insisting I can do it. Here is my compromise. No more whining about MIOM. If I'm going to continue to dig this hole deeper, then shut up and dig!

Hey, great news! I started my MIOM project for the week of August 1st! With only seconds to spare! It is a real cutie, too. Eventide's design called The Mighty Oak. I love anything with acorns.

Even better news! I've already started my MIOM project for this week. Wahoo! It is a special project from Needle Nutz, given to a group of stitchers that met in Denver in 2000. I met Annemiek on that trip and last week she found my blog. (Waving!! Hi, Annemiek!!) I've been thinking a lot about what a fun trip that was, so now is the perfect time to start this project.

So there it is, the couldn't-be-happier news from Toadlilyville. In a nut-Chelle.


Lelia said...

You go girl! MIOM rules. Yeah, I'm sticking to the real deal, too. I'm getting stuff accomplished & don't want to change a thing. I think if I change the challenge, I'm doomed

Chelle said...

I love that we both decided to stick with it!! MIOM rules!!