Thursday, August 25, 2005

Marquoir Story

Thanks to Joanie, Ana, Carol and Mercedes for the nice comments about my Marquoir Story! I thought I would post a few details about it.

I started stitching this sampler on January 11, 2003. The fabric is 32 ct Laurel (Permin) linen. It looks like it is stitched with one variegated fiber, but actually it is 3 different Silk 'N Colors - Linsey Woolsey, Moon Flax and Espresso Crème. The design called for 3 colors so I chose 3 colors - they just all happen to be shades slightly darker or lighter than each other! In hindsight I think this gives the piece more depth, but it was just a bit of luck and not something I planned. Here is a progress picture from March of 2003 - I like to start in the middle, so I started with Part 2:

It took just over a year to stitch. I finished it on February 2, 2004.

During that year I made a big mistake - I didn't take the project out of the q-snaps. "They" always recommend taking off the q-snaps but I thought BAH and left the q-snaps on but loose. (I was using an 11" x 11" set.) At one point the projects sat in a project bag (in the q-snaps) for 5 months. When I finally finished, I had to go back and restitch a few small areas of the sampler that had been at the corners of the q-snaps. Those areas had (apparently) rubbed inside the project bag and become fuzzy and just plain ICK. (Note to self, don't leave projects in the q-snaps IF the stitching goes beyond the interior dimension of the q-snap. I guess that is a partial BAH. 'Nuff said.)

I entered the project in two local shows last year - that is why it is framed! It didn't win any ribbons and honestly it didn't deserve to. I didn't get all of the fuzzy areas fixed and the stitches are really not show quality. I had a blast stitching it and it was fun to see it hanging with the other entries at the shows.

Before I sign off, a quick note to Cathy. You're not the only one that had to frog the line under the "y" in Early America! I messed mine up too! It just paled in comparison to the whopping 1/3 of the leaf/star band that had to come out. Now I need to Hip Hop those stitches back in there...


Cathy said...

Hi Chelle -
Regardless of your q snaps issues, your Marquoir Sampler is beautiful. The fabric color (Laurel) is yummy.

Ana said...

your choice for the threads is just perfect ; and you're right, I thought it was a variegated thread

Chelle said...

Thanks Cathy! I love the fabric - what can I say, I'm a fan of Permin.

Ana - thanks to you too! The funny thing is that each of the 3 SNC that I used is variegated but some of the colors are the same between the 3 skeins. It is confusing and hard to explain!

Joanie said...

Love your sampler! I think that your choice of fiber and fabric was first rate.

I went to the website and downloaded this pattern. As soon as I finish another of my *almost dones*, I am starting this and it's ALL YOUR FAULT!!!! LOL!!!!!