Saturday, August 20, 2005

Just a Suggestion, Part 1

I surfed through my favorite blogs this morning, trying to catch up on what everyone is stitching. In reading responses to the last SBQ I was surprised to discover that there are quite a few of us who do not wash our stitching. I thought I was alone, but instead I think I might be almost normal.

I've always considered myself to be a bit of a stitching rebel. I tend to follow the rules that work for me and to the rest I say BAH. Now I'm wondering if perhaps there are a few select stitchers out there who create and follow all of the rules and the rest of us just don't talk about it because we think we're the only one doing our own thing! (I say BAH, but I don't say it very loudly!)

Stitching rebels, UNITE! The thread goes through the needle and the needle goes through the fabric - everything else is just a suggestion, right?

I titled this "Part 1" - more heretic postings will follow. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not this week. But they will follow.


Shantti said...

Yes! Rebels power:-)
I don't wash too!NA

Cathy said...

Chelle- Thanks for this post, I'm glad to learn that there are others who do not wash their work. Like you, I keep my stitching very clean as I work on it.

Lelia said...

Right! LOL.

Barbara said...

Go girl, go!

A dear friend taught me the basics of stitching but the rest has been trial & error. Of the rules I've learned "after", some I follow (because they're better than my way) but I just ignore the nit-picky ones. It's for fun, not an exam.

I have never washed a piece...

Tobie said...

Hi there! I've enjoyed reading your blog! And I am another one who rarely (if ever) washes the fabric! :-)