Thursday, July 28, 2005

Felting, MIOM and Violet Threads

First of all the felting did not go very well. I'm not sure if I have wool blends and this is the best I can expect them to do or if I need to try felting them again. I've already run them through the washer twice but the dryer only once. After washing it once the whole batch reeked. It smelled of wet dog, cigarette smoke and Goodwill. Not a winning combination. (I should point out that all of the wool was from clothing I bought at the fact that it only had those three odors was perhaps a bit of a miracle?) After a second washing and a 40 minute trip through the dryer the smell is gone. I don't have felt, but at least I no longer have stinky fabric! (Well, except for the 4 more batches I haven't tried washing yet...who knows if they will stink or not?)

Move It Out Monday is almost a bust this week. I planned to start my vintage tea towel for Violet Threads. It isn't on my MIOM list, but it should be. On Monday I traced the design onto the towel using my low-tech-but-effective piece of plexiglass and gooseneck lamp. It worked like a charm! Then I spent several hours agonizing over colors. I hate to choose colors! At first I thought I wanted vintage colors, then I decided I wanted colors that would look good in my kitchen. I finally just threw a few colors together and said "uncle"! Monday came and went and no projects were started.

Tuesday night was Violet Threads, a bright spot in the week. For some reason I was not firing on all cylinders on Tuesday. I couldn't think straight and if my thinking was right then it would come out of my mouth all wrong. Anyway, we arrived at Eden and the door was locked! What a bummer. We waited until 10 minutes after 7pm, then we went to Imo's. I had to run home first and drop off the fresh fruit I brought for a snack. Imo's wasn't going to be happy if I showed up carrying food! During Violet Threads I split up the silks for Sue's design Be Ever Thankful. This is such a savings. Since we are splitting the silks between 3 of us, the cost for the chart, fabric and silk is just over $21 per person. It was $26 for the silks alone. I've said all of that to say that I didn't get my towel project started during Violet Threads. This might just have to be a MIOM-free week.


Lelia said...

Yes, but the INTENT was there. We all have days like that. I continue to 'finish' fair entries to drop off on Sunday (Lake Co Fair) and have one item 1/2 stitched. With some luck everything will fall into place & deadline will be met. And remember -- MIOM is just the MOVE OUT day, like the starting point ....

Chelle said...

Thanks for the encouragement! You are so right, the intent was there. I finally got the project started last night, thank goodness. Only two more days and I get to start another one!! *THUD*